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This website is under construction.

If you accidentally found this site, have in mind that it's not meant to be public yet. Sorry for inconvenience. Once the major functions of the website will be ready, the website will move to a new address.

The ultimate goal of this project is to collect photos of all Olympic and World Championships medalists in biathlon and cross-country skiing. It is not a problem to find photos of famous Olympic champions, there are many of them available just a couple of clicks away. However, there are lots of white spots in the history of biathlon and cross-country skiing. You won't find decent photos of biathlon World champions Simo Halonen or Nathalie Beausire, cross-country skiing World champions Valery Tarakanov or Liliya Vasilchenko and many many more. I am not even talking about pre-World War II medalists. I, myself a huge fan of these sports, would love to change the situation.

The project is planned to be long-term. I cannot provide all photos at once. But I hope within a few years there'll be enough photos to fill all white spots. I know there are lots of enthusiasts out there, autograph collectors, sport history book collectors. I invite you to take part in the project.

To be continued...